Artist Alan Fulle studied painting at the University of Washington, while also exploring the dynamics of sculpture, photography, lithography, and later, carpentry. While growing up and living in Seattle, Washington, Alan has been greatly influenced by the Pacific Northwest. The natural beauty of the Northwest is incorporated into Alan’s work in the form of organic shapes, colors, compositions, and contrasts with the harder edged lines that bring to mind architecture, or inorganic creations.

To create his abstractions, Alan works with a variety of mediums including oil paint, acrylics and enamels, resins, and polyurethanes. “I am excited by the alchemical, physical, and emotive nature of paint itself as a subject, and its interplay with other materials I use in my work – resin, glass, wood, metals and concrete,” he explains. Each piece exists as a narrative of emotions, the spirit, and ultimately, the human condition.

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About Artist Alan Fulle