For Chuck Gumpert, painting is transportation into another world. Each new piece is a journey – the canvas tells where to go and the colors and tools are the vehicle to get there. His pieces are expressive, energetic, moody and thought provoking. Gumpert plays with color and light, and offers an escape into a kind of dream-like reality. He has been experimental in subject and technique – yet without confining himself to formula or habit, he has strived to produce a cumulative body of work that is sophisticated and cohesive, and shares a common thread: exploring color, light, energy and emotion in a way that communicates. “I see my paintings as a sort of negotiation with the audience,” Chuck explains, “that viewer may not arrive at the same feeling, sentiment or vision that I had when I created it. They may have their own very different experience or response — interpreting shapes as subject, brush strokes as emotions. That’s the sort of “negotiation” happening between artist and audience. But there’s also the notion of how I literally manipulate the physics of color and light on the picture plane to interplay with and influence the viewer’s physical vision. While my work is generally non-subjective, I thoroughly enjoy when my art has the power to awaken subjective memories or unconscious associations.

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