For years I have wondered what is the impetus that underlies my creative expression, and what exactly am I articulating and clarifying through my work?  Why am I drawn over and over again to the canvas, at times as though my very life depends on it?  I have always had a hunch that it is more than just a desire to bring beautiful objects into the world.

With such great discord and uncertainty in the world, that which separates us from one another often seems much more prevalent than that which unites us.  Within this tumult we may feel that we must create a boundary and choose a side in order to survive.

Bringing my gaze inward and reflecting, I have begun to see how my work has always arisen out of an attempt to heal my own heart’s divides.  When I work, an inner space of solace opens, where boundaries and the freedom from boundaries can coexist as a whole—where there is no need to choose one side or the other.  My paint finds its way onto the canvas as an expression of this.  Color differentiation is free to remain separate but also free to flow and blend together.  When I experience the particulars and the blended becoming a united and harmonious whole, I feel for just a moment that all is okay in the world.

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