Hans Schiebold was trained in the decorative wall arts and ceiling arts in former East Germany before immigrating to the United States at age 27, where he received his Master of Fine Arts at the University of Hartford, Connecticut. After a career in teaching, Hans relocated to Portland, Oregon with the desire to paint full time. The following years saw a transformation in the style of his work, from abstract to more representational.

Landscapes by Hans Schiebold are unique in the technique by which they are made, their exceptionally large scale, and their medium. The thickly applied paint reads like a geological time clock, exposing layer after layer of the earth’s formations. From close up, the paintings are complex, formedby abstractly applied patches of paint that merge into a harmonious whole from a distance. In his own words, Hans’ approach to painting is “a process oriented by which detail is created by unconventional tools with a mixed media of his own making.”

Hans has been celebrated at numerous solo exhibitions as well as group exhibitions, and has many works in museums and corporate collections both internationally and in the U.S. 

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