I explore environmental issues through mixed media paintings using maps, recycled paper bags, and text.  My work addresses nature’s resilience, cycles of regeneration and our relationship with nature. My images capture nature in a constant state of change and reference the Pacific Northwest where the sky and water are constantly moving.

Painting on wood panel, I build up the surface with alternate layers of collage and acrylic paint and then I sand. This physical process reveals under layers and I embrace the accidental which gives energy and life to the work.  My aim is not for the landscape to look real but for it to feel real.  I am always experimenting, I am always learning and my process is always evolving.

My focus has transcended from nature’s power to renew itself to nature’s power to renew us. Connecting with nature can heal the human soul. We are drawn to nature and open spaces, and we have an innate urge to connect to the earth and remember that we are part of it. We are inspired, relaxed, rejuvenated, and we are renewed. In turn, this connection also makes us care for and protect those places that we hold sacred.

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