Art is my way of communication and expression. It has been a driving force in me and my great love since childhood. From my earliest memories I have had this inherent fascination to express what I saw and to translate it. While my mediums have changed from my first attempts with crayon and manila paper to today with oil paint and linen canvas, I still endeavor to capture a wondrous glimpse of a moment held in time and to share it with the viewer.

“I am drawn to simplicity of color, style, and composition. My inspiration comes from Japanese masters such as Utagawa Hiroshige, Uta Maro, and Hasegawa Tōhaku. In college, I took courses on the Japanese Tea Ceremony and the art of flower arrangement. It is there I discovered the tenets of wabi-sabi, the adherence to beauty in the imperfect, the impermanent, and in austerity. I remove all that is unnecessary in my compositions and exercise restraint and simplicity. I invite the viewer to slow down. Be patient and look. Pay attention to all the necessary details. I believe this is why my works impart a meditative feeling.”

This quote best expresses what I aspire to create in my paintings:

“The language of birds is very ancient, and, like other ancient modes of speech, very elliptical: little is said, but much is meant and understood…”

– Gilbert White (1720-1793)

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