Painting is a very physical and sensual process for me, beginning days or weeks before I ever make a mark. Stretching canvases, mixing new colors and mediums, searching for new tools and methods of working. Each step is as integral to the process as the application of paint and mark. Once the work begins I try to keep myself off-balance and my mind at bay for as long as possible. 

Risk and uncertainty are an artist’s friend, and once the work begins I try to keep the painting open to all possibilities, deviations and directions – where it’s outcome is not yet known and anything can happen. Getting things wrong is often more productive than getting things right. Getting lost has surprising outcomes. Working back and forth between organic and architectural elements, patterns and textures, colors that become saturated or atmospheric, tangles of marks that whisper or shout are laid down, discarded, rediscovered and reconsidered. The mystery keeps the work alive for me, and becomes a map of uncharted terrain.

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