Miriam Moriah is a self-taught realism painter who brings depth and emotion through paint. She sources inspiration from many different elements in life, finding it within the struggle, the grit, and raw human emotion to be her driving force as an artist. 

Miriam grew up surrounded by art. Raised with 5 sisters in the remote mountains of Montana, she was homeschooled and surrounded by nature. Most of those early years she lived without electricity which left only creativity for the entertainment. Throughout her adolescence she spent time experimenting with different mediums, textures and techniques before finding oil paint to be the key to unlock her vibrant colors expressed through the arts. There were so little distractions from the outside world that it taught her to create from the inside and bring it out.

The yin and yang can be found in her work displayed in a beautiful yet beastly way. Her work reflects a voice of its own that is able to move and connect onlookers. 

“Oil painting is my soul. There is a fulfillment I feel when I create, a completion. It’s my medicine, my meditation.”

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