APRIL 2017

This April, 903 is excited to present 

New works by Jeane Myers

888.8888  63" x 46" / Mixed Media on Paper

888.8888 63" x 46" / Mixed Media on Paper

Jeane Myers is an abstract expressionist. As an intuitive artist her goal is to be true to her voice as a person and artist. Myers states her work is a compass – helping to balance herself in the world. Art, for Myers, is a personal journey, one of continuous exploration and the daily recording of life.

Myers’ latest series for 903 is part of an ongoing twenty year love affair with paper. Her early work started there, later gravitating to panel and eventually onto her primary medium, canvas. For her latest series On Paper, the homecoming to paper has been a pleasant one.

"I believe change is essential for an abstract artist such as myself," says Myers. "My latest series, On Paper, marks a return to a medium I love while inspiring me to push forward in my style across all surfaces."

We invite you to join us First Thursday April 6th to see this engaging new collection of works. 

OPENING: First Thursday, April 06, 2017
 6:00-9:00PM  Artist In Attendance