SILENCE BETWEEN  / 24" X 24" X 1.75" / Metal and Copper

SILENCE BETWEEN / 24" X 24" X 1.75" / Metal and Copper

For his latest series THE SHAPE OF THINGS, metal artist Tom Anderson was inspired by forms in nature, the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) jazz, industrial design and the concept of positive/negative space. While working in his Olympia, Washington studio Anderson took the approach of "accepting that there is meaning in the spontaneous and allowing things to be. To quote Frank Stella: "what you see is what you see."

Anderson employs a non-traditional use of metal focusing on structure, proportion, light and surface and how they react with one another.  In his latest works, Anderson wanted to simplify the style of expression taking a more graphic approach with the use of stencils and repeating patterns. 

Tom was also interested in focusing on the subtleties of the metal with a variety of patinas and the visual effects of light on their surface. The emphasis in these works is more often on the process and materials rather than on a specific narrative.

"Where I am now in my life and profession is a reflection of where I have been," says Anderson. "It is a continuum. On occasion, I circle back and look at my past work and realize I have been here before, but am now seeing it in a new way. The use of specific formulas on my materials involves timing, intention, risk, having the courage to start and the wisdom of knowing when to stop."


Opening First Thursday February 01, 2018 
On Display Through February 28, 2018