JUNE 2019

FURTHER UPSTREAM  38" x 54" / Oil

FURTHER UPSTREAM 38" x 54" / Oil


This June Gallery 903 features the artist Neal Philpott. Through his close study of nature Neal captures the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in vibrant palettes of oil paint.

“I see myself as a record keeper of a specific place and a specific time—the views I capture change immediately and will never be repeated,” says Philpott. A master of illumination, Philpott uses light and shadows to capture those fleeting moments that make each interaction with nature unique. Whether it is in the forests and streams of the Pacific Northwest, or the mighty Columbia rolling through the Gorge – each moment is stamped in time.

”My paintings are real scenes of my world. I paint landscape as a way to preserve or recall how a transitory slant of light can transform an everyday view into something majestic. I capture how light enlivened these scenes – making them transcendent – even for a brief moment.

Neal Philpott is an artist who paints the mercurial nature of the West in his oil paintings. Originally from Michigan, Neal studied painting at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. His landscapes are widely collected throughout the US and his work has been featured in Southwest Art Magazine, American Art Collector and  Landmark magazine.

OPENING: First Thursday, June 6, 2019
6:00-9:00 PM

On display through June 30, 2019