THE SONG WITHIN 14" x 11" / Oil


903: What Does Your Art Mean To You? 

 I revived this from a woman the other day from an admirer. It touched me very much. It is the reason I paint these pieces. 

I have just seen your work while researching volcanoes online. A lovely moment of meditation for me, thank-you! I have to go to my world of working with children with autism, and I will hold the peace and purity of your work in my mind today.  Kathryn

In my exploration of these Pandora’s boxes I have wondered might treasures could or did they contain. I just had the second Pandora’s box photographed on Friday. It’s a lovely piece. I have titled it after this heartfelt message from this woman. It is titled “ The Song Within.” It would appear working with artistic children and what interaction I have had with it and those suffering from trauma that these boxes in someway represent us.

903: Tell Us About Your Process

JQL: I use quality materials of Belgium linen on supports. My palette is limited. I use black, white, a variation of yellow and a variation of a red. The bright cadmium colors are used at the end to highlight the birds. Anderson Zorn is credited with using a limited palette with these colors. It is amazing to see how many colors one can get from four tubes of paint. When I started to use this limited palette I realized it added a greater harmony to my work and in general my shows. I really liked the effect and cohesiveness that could be achieved. 

903: What's A Typical Day In The Studio 

JQL: I work 5 to 10 hours a day in the studio. I have found that I prefer natural light to paint at the easel. Summers are wonderful with the early light and long days. This is when I try to put in as many hours as possible. I am a dedicated artist and rarely do I not paint 6 days a week. I do find time to hike about 6 miles a day. I find it a much needed to break to be out in the forests near my studio. It allows me time to be in nature It’s very peaceful to hike along the rushing creek and the cedar groves with their scent is heavenly. It is a time to reflect and meditate.