SILENCE BETWEEN  / 24" X 24" X 1.75" / Metal and Copper

SILENCE BETWEEN / 24" X 24" X 1.75" / Metal and Copper

For his latest series THE SHAPE OF THINGS, metal artist Tom Anderson was inspired by forms in nature, the four elements (earth, air, fire and water) jazz, industrial design and the concept of positive/negative space. While working in his Olympia, Washington studio Anderson took the approach of "accepting that there is meaning in the spontaneous and allowing things to be. To quote Frank Stella: "what you see is what you see."

Anderson employs a non-traditional use of metal focusing on structure, proportion, light and surface and how they react with one another.  In his latest works, Anderson wanted to simplify the style of expression taking a more graphic approach with the use of stencils and repeating patterns. 

Tom was also interested in focusing on the subtleties of the metal with a variety of patinas and the visual effects of light on their surface. The emphasis in these works is more often on the process and materials rather than on a specific narrative.

"Where I am now in my life and profession is a reflection of where I have been," says Anderson. "It is a continuum. On occasion, I circle back and look at my past work and realize I have been here before, but am now seeing it in a new way. The use of specific formulas on my materials involves timing, intention, risk, having the courage to start and the wisdom of knowing when to stop."


Opening First Thursday February 01, 2018 
On Display Through February 28, 2018


Admiring the amazing details of Ben Hucke's Pen and Ink style. 

Admiring the amazing details of Ben Hucke's Pen and Ink style. 


903: Your first career was as a BMX racer. What made you want to start to draw?

BH: I first picked up a pen attempting to come up with some tee shirt designs. At the time a friend and I had a small clothing brand that we sold within the BMX community. After a bottle of wine and a solid attempt at creating an image the hook was set.

903: You sport a lot of other's work in the form of tattoos, did tattoos influence your love of drawing?

BH: Tattoos never really played a part in me wanting to be creative in the form of drawing. Until I received a tattoo from a good friend and amazing artist himself. He did an amazing realistic portrait of my son and it wasn’t until then that I realized what art meant to me. Being able to create something, the transfer of emotion from ones passion and hard work to the feeling of receiving something so special was eye opening for me. Since the drawing hook had been set already I went back home and started drawing 8-16hrs a day every single day with the intention of learning how to draw so that I could do for others what my friend had done for me.


903:  You draw a variety of subjects. Some are very detailed close ups of singular objects such as your cameras and champagne bottles and others are landscapes that fill the page do you prefer one style versus another?

BH: I definitely prefer centering a still life, I think that is my strong point and the challenge of bringing an object to life is my favorite. There’s something about the clean white space surrounding it that centers your eyes and makes me happy.

I enjoy doing landscapes as well but typically I do them when I need a break, they are much more forgiving and allow me to get messy and a little more free for a change.

903: Your large piece, My City features a panoramic and very detailed view of Portland. How long did it take you to complete this work?

MY CITY  36″ X 120″ / Ink on Paper

MY CITY 36″ X 120″ / Ink on Paper

BH: I spent about three and a half weeks on that piece. At the time I had pneumonia and just needed a big project to get me through it. I couldn’t lay down and it was tough to sleep so I spent all my time locked away on meds, drawing away to try and forget about how bad I felt. To be honest, looking back I hardly remember creating that piece. Maybe just being so out of it and focused on trying to breathe it just escapes me.

903:  What has been your favorite subject you have drawn?

BH: I would say the camera or film pieces, they’re so technical and everything has to be perfect or they won’t work. The eye recognizes when the scale or angle is off even if you’ve never seen the object before. Those pieces really play well with my OCD HA HA!


Kicking off the New Year Gallery 903 presents hyperrealist artist Ben Hucke in his first Solo show at 903. His work is a must see in person! Artist in attendance. 


From Willie Nelson to the Portland Skyline artist Ben Hucke creates his incredible pen and ink works without the assistance of a projector. His ability to capture scale and depth so completely stems from an intense focus Hucke honed in his previous career as a professional BMX Racer. 

“It was a very organic process which became a portal from professional athlete to artist. The technique of scribbling and layering with fine liner pens is an exciting process to watch come together over hundreds of hours”

His work is a must see in person!

October 2017

Abstract Landscapes by Sara Sjol 


This October 903 presents A Sense of Place, a new series of works by Portland artist Sara Sjol.

After embarking on a self-described “artistic sojourn” artist Sara Sjol went back into the studio to create new works. “Going in I wasn’t intending to create landscapes, she says. “In late 2016 I had begun my large Astoria piece. The style was different than my latest works -- I struggled with it and ultimately shelved it for many months. After returning from travels I began to revisit Astoria. At that point the whole series came into focus.”

From Astoria to Joshua Tree, Strasbourg to The Black Forest, Sjol captures the essence of her locales with an intricate style that weaves together various visual perspectives with a pop of color to create a new throughly modern whole. 

“It’s kinda like a Rubik’s cube. I dice up memories and place them back together.” 

Sjol’s work is held in collections across the United States. 


J.TREE // JOSHUA TREE, CALIFORNIA Joshua Tree is a special place for me. The starkness of the landscape mixed with the amazing boulder clusters form the most interesting lines and angles offering endless inspiration. For me it’s a place of relaxation, reflection and rebirth.

7:14 AM // PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA Sometimes inspiration comes in the quiet times. Early one morning in Palm Springs, California I looked out over the courtyard. The teal blue of an empty pool, the golden yellow umbrella, and palm trees above mixed just right and I found inspiration in that single moment. 

ENERGY HUB // MOJAVE DESERT, CALIFORNIA I've always been fascinated with wind turbines, watching their perpetual motion is hypnotizing. The Tehachapi Pass Wind Farm in the Mojave is a place of energy -- both physically and spiritually. 

IN BLOOM // ALSACE, FRANCE The French Countryside has inspired artists for centuries. So much so that I almost thought it passé. But a trip through Alsace with the mustard fields in bloom changed my thinking, The vibrant pops of yellow and fields of green all under an impossibly blue sky set my heart aflutter. 

A TALE OF TWO CITIES // STRASBOURG, FRANCE  Famous for both its French and German influence, (the city has been under both French and German rule) Strasbourg was the epitome of a charming European town. The unique sandstone used in construction of the cathedral and surrounding structures gives much of the architecture in Strasbourg its characteristic pink hue.

BLACK FOREST // BAVARIA, GERMANY Thick with tall, narrow conifers and dotted with leafy deciduous trees, Germany’s Black Forest has definitely earned it’s name. As we approached the small town of Triberg, a waterfall mirrored our route through the mountains. I found the Black Forest more mysterious than those here in the Pacific Northwest, which really piqued my imagination.

ASTORIA // ASTORIA, OREGON Astoria has always been shrouded in mystery to me. The aging piers, giant tankers, and art-deco buildings all nestled in one tiny seaside town captivate me. After spending a rainy weekend there, I came back in the studio with Astoria on my mind.

Opening First Thursday October 05, 2017
On Display Through October 31, 2017

JULY 2017

PERSPECTIVES Works by Female Artists

Featuring Artists
Jennifer Williams, Krista Harris,
Sara Sjol and Gretchen Gammell

KRISTA HARRIS /  WE FLEW /   60" X 48" / Mixed Media

KRISTA HARRIS / WE FLEW / 60" X 48" / Mixed Media

First Thursday July 6 | 6–9pm
On display through July 31, 2017

JUNE 2017



We sat down with artist Jill McVarish to learn all about her latest collection on display through the end of the month.

903: You mention you like to tell fantastical tales with your art. How do you come up with your whimsical ideas? 

JM: I don't usually set out to narrate a story when I choose my subject matter. I'll arrange a scene that may involve some fantastical juxtaposition of characters,symbols and situations. I have a preference for wild and funny imagery like that in children's stories, but ultimately, it's up to the viewer to fill in the back story and bring their own interpretation of what's going on.

Sometimes it feels like I don't find my ideas as much as they find me. I may start with a seed of one or two ideas that may germinate for months or years until that last piece falls into place and a clear picture of how to proceed pops up. They often turn up at inopportune times, so I've installed a chalk board in my studio and keep a list of them as they show up so that they don't get away.

903: The details in your work are quite amazing, particularly with costumes and attire. Do you use historical images for reference or do you come up with your own ensembles? 

JM: I suspect that the elaborate clothing in the paintings reflects my own love of fabric and costume. I choose the clothes carefully because they often create the context of the piece, the time period and the identity of subject. I love historical garb and while it would be tempting to dress everyone like a Tudor, I think it's important to reflect the time we live in now and only do it when it serves a contextual purpose.

APRIL 2017

This April, 903 is excited to present 

New works by Jeane Myers

888.8888  63" x 46" / Mixed Media on Paper

888.8888 63" x 46" / Mixed Media on Paper

Jeane Myers is an abstract expressionist. As an intuitive artist her goal is to be true to her voice as a person and artist. Myers states her work is a compass – helping to balance herself in the world. Art, for Myers, is a personal journey, one of continuous exploration and the daily recording of life.

Myers’ latest series for 903 is part of an ongoing twenty year love affair with paper. Her early work started there, later gravitating to panel and eventually onto her primary medium, canvas. For her latest series On Paper, the homecoming to paper has been a pleasant one.

"I believe change is essential for an abstract artist such as myself," says Myers. "My latest series, On Paper, marks a return to a medium I love while inspiring me to push forward in my style across all surfaces."

We invite you to join us First Thursday April 6th to see this engaging new collection of works. 

OPENING: First Thursday, April 06, 2017
 6:00-9:00PM  Artist In Attendance


MARCH 2017

This March, Gallery 903 is excited to present works by Emerging Artist Braeden Cox, along with new works from Gallery Artists.  

By Artist Braeden Cox


OPENING: First Thursday, March 02 2017
 6:00-9:00PM  Artist In Attendance

February 2017

New Works By Gallery Artists

SUNNY AND RAINING / 72" X 72" / Mixed Media / Jeane Meyers

This February Gallery 903 is excited to present new works by Gallery artists including abstract works from Korey Gulbrandson and Jeane Myers.

Also This February


Artist Fernando Del Rosario

Artist Fernando Del Rosario

This collection of original composed art is in honor of two things that are dear to me: superheroes and inspirational quotes by extraordinary people. Growing up as a foreigner in this wonderful country of America, I wasn’t what you would consider a popular, athletic and charismatic kid. As an awkward boy trying to find his place in a new country, I found solace and inspiration in the stories and characters of the superheroes I would see on television or read about in the pages of a comic book. As I developed my own identity and confidence, my interest expanded to poetry, philosophies, and quotations by famous people. I was drawn to movies and documentaries of struggle, adversities, and accomplishments. At that point, I realized that superheroes do exist in the real world.

This original art collection is in honor of what has inspired me throughout the years and an expression of my creative perspective. Every one of these comic book pages are from my collection as a kid. And this is my way of sharing my story and my inspiration to the public. It is an art collection 31 years in the making.

First Thursday February 2nd | 6–9pm
On display through February 28th, 2017

January 2017

Works By Mark Andrew Bailey & Gallery Artists

Artist Mark Bailey’s painterly brushstrokes subtly define figures and objects within his works. His impressionist style captures an intimate portrait of his figures and the surrounding environment. Bailey’s cityscapes and interiors (many from around Portland) seem to glow with the energy of the city and its busy urban backdrops. His exquisite figures reveal an unspoken undertone of an individual story within each scene he translates onto canvas.

Featured in the January issue of Southwest Art Magazine as 1 of 10 artists to watch in 2017!

AVIANO 32″ X 26″ / Oil / Mark Bailey