Tom Anderson established his own studio in Olympia, Washington in 1990, where he pursued a love for mixed media construction, metal fabrication, and painting. Tom is represented by galleries in Oregon, Washington, California, and Hawaii, and his work can be found in over 1,500 public and private collections.

Tom works mainly with found materials or recycled items like copper, aluminum, steel or brass. By using certain chemicals on his materials he can bring out unique properties and colors of the metal and create a kind of canvas for additional elements to be applied. For Tom, the finished product is not the most important element in producing his art – it is the process of creation itself. “I strive to be deliberate in my approach, although I am fascinated by re-creating a condition where I am out of my depth, uncertain, no longer feeling in control, yet generating something,” he states. By letting the materials speak and do what they want, Tom forms relationships between them, and lets this determine how the work will ultimately be finished.

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