I believe mapping is the way humans deal with and record the world around them. We map everything! In my new series of monotypes, I’ve incorporated the concept of mapping life’s experiences. The journeys we take involve routes, experiences, learning, people, places, and many crossroads. Some junctures require life-changing decisions. Some pathways are self-directed, some random, some controlled, some unexpected and some beyond manipulation. While some of these elements touch us only briefly, others become part of us forever. In my experience, life seems to be comprised of “eras” where these journeys compound into a unique tapestry that evolves and extends for some time. Dramatic changes may occur, and other enduring “era” starts to build and to overlap the previous ones. The resulting design of each “era” or “layer” of life depends mostly on the layers that existed before. I’ve incorporated these ideas into my monotypes. My drawings are reminiscent of the mapping of my experiences. I’ve designed layers, one printed on top of the other. The resulting colors, textures, and drawings exist because of the influences of the underlying components. The outcome of the monotype process can never be completely controlled or predicted. This exciting surprise element creates a beautiful expressive result which keeps the artist in me coming back for more.

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