FURTHER UPSTREAM 38" x 54" / Oil

FURTHER UPSTREAM 38" x 54" / Oil

Land, Water & Sky by Neal Philpott

This June Gallery 903 features the artist Neal Philpott. Through his close study of nature Neal captures the beauty of the Pacific Northwest in vibrant palettes of oil paint.

The ever-changing beauty of the Northwest fascinates me. Views ranging from the simple to the sweeping are just outside my door. I love how a passing slant of light can enliven an everyday scene, transforming it into something uplifting for a brief moment. It challenges me to attempt to capture it in the unruly material of oil paint.

The scenes I’m most often inspired to paint are landscape scenes in my rural neighborhood, water in all its vagaries, and grand vistas with remarkable skies. Although I’ve lived and painted here for more than30 years, I never run out of incredible views to paint.

Originally from Michigan, I studied painting at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. I have lived in the Northwest since 1988 and currently paint full-time from my studio in Oregon City, Oregon